Our Story

Infusing passion and dedication into wall art!

Nothing is as timeless and beautiful as wood. Even if you cut a piece to be exactly the same as another, the grain is always authentic. At Modern Textures, Inc we believe in this tantalizing power and beauty of wood. We take reclaimed wood and turn it into something amazing.

All of our exquisitely crafted items have one thing in common. These astounding creations were all made with passion, purity and love. My adventure began at the end of 2008, when the mortgage industry I had a job in began to collapse. I lost my job during the housing crisis, and after being out of work for a considerable amount of time, I ended up taking a pay cut just to survive. Instead of going back to a job I had no love for, I decided to try something new.

I have always had the entrepreneurial bug in me and have always wanted to have my own business. Creating, drawing and designing things have always been something that I have really enjoyed doing since I was a child, and my immense love for wood wall art resulted in Modern Textures, Inc. I have since designed and sold over 1000 dazzling pieces, and have received a great deal of praise from hundreds of happy customers.

Dynamic, ever changing and beautiful, all the wood wall art pieces sold by Modern Textures, Inc are handmade and crafted with love. If you want an elegant and modern design for your home or business, these signature pieces are perfect. Creating these pieces of 3D art has become my passion in life. You can see it in every line and exquisite detail of his pieces.

Reclaiming the Earth, while creating Beauty!

Despite reclaimed materials being more difficult to work with, I made the choice to use second hand scrap for my creations. These materials have more personality then new pieces from the lumber yard, and that personality contributes to the unique beauty of my art. Reusing materials that otherwise would go to waste is one more thoughtful detail that makes each piece unique. Not only does this make the art you hang on your wall better, it also helps our environment by keeping these materials out of the dump.

Sustainability is a rare business model, but it is one that is becoming important to more and more people. It's a very rare business that consumes more second hand materials then it produces, and Modern Textures, Inc strives to be that positive impact on the environment.

Working with you, no matter your needs!

I enjoy working one on one with my customers. You can see it in the delight of customers who leave review after positive review. Whether you need a new 3D art piece for your living room or bedroom, or something for an office or business, Modern Textures, Inc is excited to work with you. We use premium quality wood to build our one-of-a-kind products such as wood headboards. The most common types of wood we work with are fence wood, poplar, cedar, alder and maple. Working with reclaimed wood is really time-consuming but we make sure you get the best product possible, so we leave no stone unturned for you.

Modern Textures, Inc is a unique statement of beauty, durability, and sustainability in a world that needs more of all three of those things. Our goal is to continue bringing new and wonderful pieces to homes and businesses around the world, so that everyone can share in the power of wall art.

Looking forward to working with you soon,


Henry Toro


Modern Textures, Inc